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About Us

Our goal is to create and curate great products for men.

We hope to be a place where men can treat themselves to high-quality, artisan items, and where anyone can come for high-quality products for the men in their lives. 

Our story begins with a tragedy.

But like many great stories, that tragedy spurred us on to do something special. 

Gage, Jake, and I (Mac) were the closest of friends our entire lives, but at the end of 2018, Gage passed away at the young age of 27. Desiring to keep the memory of our best friend alive and to do something we already enjoyed doing, Jake and I established Caballeros Supply Co. 

The name comes from a message thread we named after the Disney movie, "The Three Caballeros." The three of us shared our lives together in that thread, so to commemorate that, we decided to name our company after it. 

"Caballeros" means "gentlemen" in Spanish. Gentleman - there's no better word to describe our friend, Gage, or what we hope to represent as a company. 

Pictured left to right: Gage, Jake, Mac

We are native South Carolinians from the small town of Abbeville.

We make all of our beard-care products in Abbeville by hand, and we commission other artisans to create products that represent what we hope to supply our fellow Caballeros - high-quality products that men are excited to use. 


How to pronounce our name...

For all of our friends who took French instead of Spanish in high school...and for those who slept through Spanish - kah·buh·yeh·rowz